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indian standard for drinking water as per bis - this is a presentation which gives details of the permissible and desirable limits of various parameters in drinking water as per the bis standard specifications for potable water, welcome to toolkits master plan preparation - sewer network para 3 2 4 of manual stipulate that generally 80 of the water supply may be expected to reach the sewers unless there is data available to the contrary however sewers should be designed to minimum waste water flow of 100 litres per capita per day industries commercial buildings etc who often use water other than the municipal supply and may discharge their liquid waste into, info tender mp phe department - unified schedule of rates for water supply sewerage and allied works in force from 3rd july 2018 unified schedule of rates for water supply sewerage sewerage maintenance drilling of tube well hand pump power pump installation ground water recharging and other miscellaneous works in force from 1st june 2016