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individuals seeking lead abatement certification us epa - where epa implements the lead based paint certification program you must apply to epa to be certified as an inspector supervisor risk assessor project designer or abatement worker if you wish to conduct lead based paint activities there, epa s national certification examinations for - epa model training curriculum lead abatement training for supervisors and contractors 1996 97 revision guidelines for the evaluation and control of lead based paint hazards in housing hud august 1995 lead paint safety a field guide for painting home maintenance and renovation work hud and cdc june 1999, epa s national certification examinations for lead based - training and study guide revision 2 february 2000 epa model training curriculum lead based paint risk assessment june 1995 risk assessor only course guidelines for the evaluation and control of lead based certification examinations for project designer or abatement workers, lead abatement worker certification initial courses lead - abatement work that is not conducted by a certified lead abatement worker under direction of a lead abatement supervisor is subject to heavy fines by the environmental protection agency epa or applicable authorized state lead program this course is offered in person and includes both training and certification for lead abatement workers, epa lead training certification leadtesting net - lead abatement courses abatement worker this 16 hour initial training course meets epa s training requirements for individuals who wish to perform abatement there is no pre requisite for this course individuals must complete the course and pass the course examination to obtain a 6 month interim certification, epa rrp training and certification course contractors - epa rrp certification are you complying with the law and keeping your customers safe from lead paint and other contaminants as of april 22 2010 anyone doing repair or contract work to a home that was built pre 1978 is required to be an epa rrp renovation repair and painting certified professional, locate accredited training programs lead us epa - note this locator only identifies accredited trainers in jurisdictions where epa administers the lead based paint training and certification program for assistance identifying firms in one of epa s 44 authorized programs 38 states 4 tribes puerto rico and washington d c contact the national lead information center, study guides lead supervisor wisconsin department of - study guides lead supervisor the specific knowledge areas listed under each topic are guides for your study activities in each topic the course manual from your initial lead pb courses lead safe renovator worker and supervisor should provide the information needed to help you study for the exam, study guide for the lead inspector assessor certification exam - study guide for the lead inspector assessor certification exam california department of public health childhood lead poisoning prevention branch lead related construction unit childhood lead poisoning prevention branch alternatives from which to choose none of the introduction examination questions are intended to trick the candidates, exam tips environmental lead program - the certification exam is known to be challenging and adequate preparation is highly recommended once you have completed the training course use epa s national certification examinations training and study guide pdf 37kb as an outline in your preparation you are also encouraged to make a list of the most important topics during your, lead abatement supervisor certification initial courses - this lead abatement supervisor training provides information on lead based paint abatement and regulatory guidelines for those individuals that will plan and or oversee lead abatement work a certified supervisor can perform all of the duties that a lead worker can and additionally a supervisor is responsible for occupant safety during the abatement process and for writing the abatement plan, lead resources environmental education - eea is accredited to provide the usepa lead abatement worker lead abatement supervisor lead inspector lead risk assessor initial and refresher certification training courses in english and spanish, epa certification by mainstream engineering - this site is maintained by mainstream engineering corporation and is not associated with the us environmental protection agency epa epa maintains its own web site that includes information about both section 608 and section 609 certification mainstream is certified by the epa to provide both 608 and 609 certification