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the new weapons of the world encyclopedia an - the new weapons of the world encyclopedia an international encyclopedia from 5000 b c to the 21st century diagram group on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers weapons is one of the bestselling books on armament ever published this definitive guide covers the entire history of weapons, the encyclopedia of weapons of wwii the comprehensive - the encyclopedia of weapons of wwii the comprehensive guide to over 1 500 weapons systems including tanks small arms warplanes artillery ships and submarines chris bishop on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers a lavishly illustrated compendium of military hardware covers everything that fought in the air on the ground, military technology history advances weapons - military technology military technology range of weapons equipment structures and vehicles used specifically for the purpose of fighting it includes the knowledge required to construct such technology to employ it in combat and to repair and replenish it success in combat hinges on the tactically effective use of this technology, modern equipment of the irish army wikipedia - weapons while the army ranger wing has access to a wider variety of specialist weapons the modern weapons in use within the irish army includes the following, narco tanks tank encyclopedia - the real mad max cars narco tanks known as narco tanques in spanish is an umbrella term made by the media for the improvised armored cars used by modern drugs cartels in mexico suvs and commercial vehicles serve as the chassis for narco tanks and they are tooled up with armor turrets mounted weapons and even james bond like gadgets, ariete main battle tank tank encyclopedia - a 100 italian main battle tank from the 1970s to 1995 italy s main battle tank was the us built m60a1 with some more modern leopard is it was already envisioned to replace the aging m60s in 1985 and the prototype of the c1 was revealed in 1986 named ariete ram honoring the famous ww2 italian armored division which fought alongside the afrika korps from 1941 to 1943, assault rifle encyclopedia britannica britannica com - assault rifle military firearm that is chambered for ammunition of reduced size or propellant charge and that has the capacity to switch between semiautomatic and fully automatic fire because they are light and portable yet still able to deliver a high volume of fire with reasonable accuracy at modern combat ranges of 1 000 1 600 feet 300 500 metres assault rifles have replaced the, top 10 most powerful weapons of the israeli military - the israeli military known as the israel defense force idf is a unique one from the moment of its creation it has been involved in a never ending conflict with its neighbors to survive in such a situation high quality weapon systems are as important as well trained military personnel israel