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morning friends thanks for your prayers this is a very busy season for me so i deeply need and appreciate them continue to ask god to give me a deeper wisdom of his character and his love i m reading through the bible again this year and reading some of the old testament books can, john f kennedy wikiquote - although a country may stand still history never stands still thus if we do not soon begin to move forward again we will inevitably be left behind but effort and courage are not enough without purpose and direction for as socrates told us if a man does not know to what port he is sailing no wind is favorable, 2011 end times prediction wikipedia - american christian radio host harold camping stated that the rapture and judgment day would take place on may 21 2011 and that the end of the world would take place five months later on october 21 2011 based on adding the 153 fish of john 20 to may 21 the rapture as indicated in 1 thessalonians 4 17 harpag sometha we shall be raptured taken up rapture derivable from the latin, communist crimes augustow roundup in july 1945 pol - at the outset of the ii world war the suwa ki and august w counties fell under control of two occupiers the soviets who established hegemony over the entire county of suwa ki along with a portion of the august w county and the nazis who reigned over a greater portion of the august w county right from the outset of this dual occupation the polish population residing in this area, are grocery stores doomed study shows more shoppers - thanks to a proliferation of press attention it may often seem like whole foods trader joe s and farmers markets peddling organic kale are today s favored grocery shopping destinations but, torture methods doomed soldiers - torture methods used against doomed soldiers and democratic oposition in poland by polish secret police the ub urzad bezpieczenstwa mbp ministerstwo bezpieczenstwa publicznego sb bezpieka between 1944 1963, the rosenhan study on being sane in insane places - d l rosenhan s classic scientific experiment on the validity and reliability or lack thereof in psychiatric diagnosis a psychiatric label has a life and an influence of its own, what are you prepared to do when your family is hungry - the estimated deer population in the us is approx 32 2 million the human population is 325 000 000 to all of the good ole boys who say the will just go and get me a deer it might work for a while, why atheists lose debates common sense atheism - that s funny that you say you ve never heard an atheist lose a debate on evolution i ve seen lots lose to kent hovind not because hovind is right but simply for the same reasons you cited the people who debate hovind aren t as prepared as he is for the oppononent s response and pointing out hovind s shitty data and fallacious reasoning take more a lot longer than hovind s, dgca to conduct financial audit of turbulence hit jet - jet airways confirmed that the regulator will be evaluating its performance and said the airline is prepared for it, first inaugural address rhetoric - full text and audio and video of franklin delano roosevelt s first inaugural address, proton accident with glonass satellites anatoly zak - proton accident with glonass satellites by anatoly zak searching for details the author of this page will appreciate comments corrections and imagery related to the subject, illuminati news wars towards a new world order - the pioneers of a warless world are the youth that refuse military service albert einstein the death of a single human being is too heavy a price for the vindication of any principle however sacred, the history place holocaust timeline - a chronicle of the nazi persecution of the jews, transgender news politics commentary community - all the latest news commentary and analysis of issues that impact the transgender community the advocate provides up to date coverage from around the web about political medical and social, newspapers and thinking the unthinkable clay shirky - 1 219 responses to newspapers and thinking the unthinkable why one day every company might have 2 ceo s dave cunningham s blog says january 12 2010 at 10 05 pm, news breaking stories updates the telegraph - 10 jan 2019 7 27pm jayden moodie family of murdered 14 year old deny he had gang links as they warn london s streets are no longer safe for anyone